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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Hello Earthlings, Martians, OMGians, and … aliens? Anyways, welcome all to my playground! The place where I and my family enjoy ourselves and share our knowledge and our … diary?

So what is this “playground”?

Basically it’s a geeky techi anxious “diary”, it’s a place where I post what I’m going though and what  I want to share with my readers! And by that I mean: computers related encounters! Whether they are reviews, tutorials, hacks(apps), programming, or even incidents!! But mainly it’ll revolve around linux(ubuntu) and python(but not as much)!

… But I don’t see no nothin’!!

Well, … I won’t say you can’t see well, but … you can know more about the anxious blogger here for the time being!

And I also have to inform you that for the time being i won’t have much activity here! That’s due to my studies; I really need to get a good grade in my Calculus A course, so i’m somewhat busy! It’s not much till the course ends, so soon enough i’ll be here writing about all techi, lovely, non-re-occurring posts which you will, hopefully, enjoy :) But if you wanna see some of my work right now, you can see me owld blag posts here :)

So you’re gonna ditch Q8GEEKS.ORG?

HELL NO!! I will always be there since it’s a place for Kuwaiti geeks and i am a Kuwaiti! It’s Just that I’ve realized that Q8GEEKS.ORG’s blog is about general computer stuff rather than complicated technical linux stuff and self encounters!! So I will still write at Q8geeks about PC related news and the usual stuff!!



~ by AnxiousNut on July 13, 2010.

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  1. dude!

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