Nautilus unpopular flabbergasting snippets

Hey, I’ve been lazy since I finished my summer course, but I’m here now! So, … just to make sure you know what i’m talking about, nautilus is the name of one of the most popular file browsers in linux, and the default in ubuntu. From time to time, i get to know why it’s better than the rest! And lately i found even more reasons!

Popping out the location bar (Ctrl+L)

Ever since some distros started their attempt to become more “user-friendly” and gaining the nice looks, some default features got changed.

In this case, it’s the location bar. Instead of it they got some buttons that shows the location and let you navigate through the directories! So, if you’re using one of these distros and want to pop up the location bar, all you have to do is to hit Ctrl+L. However, if you’re like me and like to have it always there, each time you fire it up, you can change the default value of it in gconf-editor, or alternatively use this following command in the terminal

gconftool-2 --set /apps/nautilus/preferences/start_with_location_bar --type bool 1

Imediate search in the working directory (Ctrl+F)

Okay this might be a bit more popular, but not to me! Anyhow, if you’re browsing your folders and found yourself in a gigantic directory, say /usr/sbin, and you’re trying to find a file but you can’t find it with your eyes! You can easily press Ctrl+F to find all files that matches within the same directory. The location bar will turn into the search bar so that you can type in.

Renaming (Ctrl+F2)

Ever since i left Windows, I’ve missed the double click for renaming feature and always wondered why can’t open source apps, like nautilus,  have something similar, from the simplicity perspective. Now, i know that it’s not a must to have something similar, cause we already have something better, easier, and more practical: Ctrl+F2!

SSHing within nautilus (ssh://

Okay if you’ve been using SSH for a while now, you’d probably know how much of a pain to use the scp command, in terms of practicality. Even if you use some client like FileZilla, it’s not that practical either mate!

Yes, nautilus can deal with the SSH protocol! In the location bar, type SSH:// followed by the location of the other machine. You’ll be asked for your username and password in a small dialog. Of course, you can have your username and the port in the location bar as follows:
then you’ll be only asked for your password! Also you can access the network connections in nautilus by selecting “connect to server” from the file menu! Although I haven’t tried tunneling using it nor have a clue how the syntax would look like, but i think there’s a slight possibility that it may have that as well!

Filtered selection (Ctrl+S)

This is the best feature i know in nautilus so far, which is why i left it till the end of this post. So, if you’re in a directory with tens of file of different formats and you want to  select ( to delete or move afterwards) only the ones that are appended by a certain extension. In the command line we usually do rm/mv *.ext, but what about nautilus?

Yes, it has this functionality and works the same as in the terminal. Hit the Ctrl+s, a dialog will pop up. All you have to do is to enter the pattern. In case you want to select all .txt files, you can easily type *.txt. Also if you’re like me, when you program to try something you make files like, you can select them by typing the pattern *.tmp*. Fantastic!

All of that, to be honest, was discovered either by a coincidence or by …  well i did try all Ctrl combinations in nautilus!! Anyways, those little bits of info made it way more practical when using nautilus! HAH, it beats Explorer for sure!!

… there, my first techy blogpost in this playground! Stay tuned for more!


~ by AnxiousNut on August 28, 2010.

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