The geeky story, G.E.E.K!

Sorry, come again?!

Going Electronic: Enter Kay is a geeky story my brother Yousef (the non-geek literary writer aka Q8BKman) and I wrote weeks ago. This is “a short story mashing geek-speak with Sci-Fi”– OMG!Ubuntu! which was made to flabbergast geeks, mainly linux geeks. However, Windows users should enjoy it as well since it’s not 100% linux pure! You can download it through this link :)

How it all started

Basically Q8BKman just wanted to astonish our older brother SIGTERMer! When Q8BKman first proposed the though of making such a story, I wasn’t quite sure how it would unfold seeing none of us had any major plots!

Q8BKman took the first move and started to write his version of the first chapter! The second step was me taking the version and modify it to make it more geeky and less lame! You know, when a non-geeky person tries to do something about geekism, it usually ends up as a lame thing! We carried on that way: one writes, and the other modifies 90%! LOL! Of course, that was done on a daily bases after the daily 2~3 hours of discussion and plotting!

The funny thing is, sometimes when we’re brainstorming, we get shocked because of the sudden thoughts!! It’s when you think of one thing then you realized that something that is more awesome can follow! I know i was, but not sure if Q8BKman was as much as i was since he always write stories!

The awaited night

After a week or so of the daily nonstop work, we were done and ready to publish it! Of course after I read it 3 times jsut to make sure it was free of stupid mistakes. Then I published it!

Because I dedicated my work to the OMG!UBUNTU! community, I had to send d0od a message telling him what I’ve got for his/out community! If you are wondering the reason why I did not dedicate it to the Ubuntu community, well it’s because it has changed; the majority has become too strict, too non-joyful, and too unfriendly!

However I did post it on the Ubuntu forums since the story is associated with ubuntu and also because I know there are still some people who would enjoy this, the minority! Ubuntu Forum was our only source for readers, thinking that OMG!Ubuntu! won’t be able to spread the word through their blog since it’s related to technical stuff, apps and news! Ubuntu Forum brought us 80 readers after hours and we were celebrating. However, I was wrong about OMG!Ubuntu! not posting it, they did release a blogpost on the other day! That’s when I can say “It began”!

The number of downloads were flying, comments were actually posted! We got feedbacks like no other, through the blog and through emails! Moreover, the story was blogged on this technical French blog by Par David! We reached 1000 downloads in three nights!

What made me even happier

Leaving the amazing comments aside of course! While on #OMG!Ubuntu! IRC channel, some people started to pop out telling me that they enjoyed it. One thing that made my day when a guy known as Hendrik1 actually put the Creative Commons License in use! After loading it on his Kindle and reading it, he was entertained. And because of that, he had distributed it on some of his friends! Also, two guys guy, Евгений Москаленко and Batara Watson, has put it on, which was kind of awesome although I never use it!

The thing that brought us to devastation!

… Tron! We knew nothing about it, yet a lot were mentioning it! Although they are not saying it’s identical, or we stole the idea of it, it’s still hurts :(

Read the story and wanna laugh?

Read this only if you have read the story, here I’ll be saying how some of the plots would’ve went without my interferences! In other words SPOILER ALERT!

When Q8BKman started the story, instead of Kay’s surgery to get the transplant and then into Arch, Kay recieved a new webcam package. When he openes it and installs, he get sucked into it! Also when kay got into it,  Kay wasn’t in arch he was in his PC! No, not in, but on! He was only small to be walking on the mother board seeing the chips as humungous buildings! XD

Kay’s PC, it was not ubuntu, nope, it was slackware! But I soon changed it knowing that well need some stuff from ubuntu particularly!

Moreover, you all remember that only Chmod goes runs against Kay, Q8Bkman plans were all of his fellows betray him! Oh yea, Chmod, he wasn’t Chmod! He was Chown untill few days before the release! Also, RootMeUp dies in the recycle bin of Windows, right? In my version was Irssi, i didnt like her! Oh YEAH! LOL! Irssi was a MALE APP!!

And you know when Kay needed Syon to believe him and then went in his PC hacking his way though? There was nothing in between when Kay needed him to believe him and when Syon believed him! Yes, the 3~4 pages were nothing but “Syon is now a believer”! LOL!

I think this is enough, … honestly, I can’t remember more! Though there was gazillions of similar funny changes XD

And guys, don’t try to steal PsyByte and H4XINGH4XOR in IRC, cause I already grouped them with my account! XD

Last words!

I’d definetly thank d0od, Par, Евгений, Batara, Hendrik1, and a lot of others who made my day as well! However, I was anticipating some feedback from some of my friends on IRC like: xfact, JamesMR, JadenKorn(Corn man), tillux, and TenPhil, but it’s okay! Anyways, some of the comments on OMG!Ubuntu! blog were so awesome that we got them on the covers of the new version of the story ;)

If you’re wondering why I waited so long to publish this blogpost, it’s because i was waiting for a feedback from my friend loolykinns (The founder of so that i can quote him for the title, but it seems it’ll take him a while to read it!

If you haven’t read it yet, please do! If you have, please tell others about it! Sorry, but we are not planning to make another part, sequels usually suck :S

Thanks guys for all of your help, with out you we would’ve never reached 1,400 downloads!


~ by AnxiousNut on September 9, 2010.

3 Responses to “The geeky story, G.E.E.K!”

  1. […] because of the G.E.E.K story! The geeky story I worked on back in September with my novelist brother, Q8BKman! If you haven’t read the story, you can […]

  2. hi mr.geek, i just want to say that your work intitled “Geek” is really fun to read, and i’m enjoyed, that’s why i upload it to my scribd account, and my friends also commented that their like it.. So keep on writing a wild things dude.. i’ll wait your next part.. :D –ubuntunizer–

    • YES, Thank you! I’ve even had your name in the “Last word” part since then! :)

      I’d definetly thank d0od, Par, Евгений, Batara, Hendrik1, and a lot of others who made my day as well!

      The download counter has exceeded 1,500, that’s without the reading counter on scribd, 600+, so thanks for uploading!

      As for a second part …

      Sorry, but we are not planning to make another part, sequels usually suck :S

      And we talked about it again a week ago and a sequel is not an option if we want to keep it great! However, we might get ourselves into another geeky story if we’re upto it. :) … but I don’t think it’ll be soon – if any, Summer break might be the nearest time. Again, noting is for sure!

      Thanks for dropping by Batara! :D

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