I might not watch Tron: Legacy!

Tron got in Kuwait theaters a short while ago and ever since then friends kept suggesting me to watch it! I know Tron, I know what it’s about, and I know how much I will enjoy it since it’s geeky movie! However, there is one thing that keeps me from watching it – although I’m dying to watch it, Going Electronic: Enter Kay!

It’s because of the G.E.E.K story! The geeky story I worked on back in September with my novelist brother, Q8BKman! If you haven’t read the story, you can take a look at OMG!Ubuntu! review of it and/or download it if you’re upto its geekism! When it first got reviewed some comments my brother and I were getting were telling us that it reminds them of Tron, the old movie! We personally haven’t watch it, nor knew anything about it back then! The fact that some people linked our story to Tron was depressing, but we got over it since it was like only 3 comments!

That is not the main reason! Yesterday, I met with some of my fiends at college and they were like “Dude, you have to watch Tron!”; “I know” was my response! However, it seems that some of them were amazingly astonished that they started to mention some scenes! … That’s when I was shocked, then I subconsciously was walking backwards until hit the wall, sat with my hands on my face fully shocked! The few scenes that were mentioned were some of the most scenes I am proud of in the story! … I had to stop them because I kept hearing some detailed similarities that were actually in G.E.E.K!

I am not saying they are identical, cause that’s impossible! But the fact that some of my effort was already done before and after without knowing feels so terrible! Though I am sure Tron is not as geeky as G.E.E.K (we had to add computer terminology footnote), because obviously non-geeks also enjoyed Tron as well! Some of you might think by now that I’m not right in the head for thinking of this; all I can say is if you were in my shoes, you’d feel what I’m feeling!

… BTW, I did say “might”!


~ by AnxiousNut on December 29, 2010.

4 Responses to “I might not watch Tron: Legacy!”

  1. Hi A.Nut

    I hope you would like to watch the movie, because it is not as GEEK as you are understanding, it is enjoyable for all ages, regradless geeky experiences. What you find good you better not wait for it.

    PS. Breaking my Linux glory I am back to Windows and not shifting back soon, blame me if you think :P


    • … yes, yes! Since this is coming from a person who have read the story, … I’m probably going to watch it!!

      And … WHAT?!!! WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU’RE BACK TO WINDOWS!!! Are you serious?! Okay this requires some professional help!!

  2. Watched a while ago & enjoyed it, the actresses in it are models mashalla :)

    • models?! O_o … I guess every person has a different element that catches his/her attention in movies, I found that Tech/PCs are what I usually focus on! So I’m guessing I won’t be able to focus on everything seeing that it’s full of tech! XD

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