“I LIVE AGAIN!” — Future Cop LAPD

… Did you too think I was dead? Two guys actually told me -in the face- that they thought that I died in real life. Well, I am alive – unless if this blog-post was scheduled. But believe me, I’m alive (proof: on Jun, 3rd).

Any reader would probably ask: Where the heck were you all that time? My answer would be: In a grave, dead; I was a ghost, I could see you but not vice versa. Wait, … am I contradicting my own words? Okay, let me put it this way, I was adj(internet) dead then became an online ghost.

It’s true that I, many times, peeked, but I wasn’t active like I used to be (obviously). I only checked emails, read Q8Geeks blog-posts, uploaded some photos/digital artwork. I was trying to avoid interacting with online communities as much as possible.

Basically, I needed to see what’s exactly I was doing wrong that kept me from succeeding in school. Internet interaction, I thought. Another reason was to prove that I am not an internet addict, as I was accused, and can live as long a PC is accessible. Anyways, now I am done. And I’ve found that internet interaction had major effect.

By “internet interaction” I mean “internet interaction” whether it’s socializing, geeky chatter, or nonsense via whatever online service. Though, I mainly am addressing Facebook, Twitter, and IRC. I’m starting to believe these are not just time wasters, they might be some sort of one-way time traveling machines! And because of that, … I ^C

Actually the thought of quitting isn’t news. I marked Facebook for deletion months before abduction, however, the existence of three decent friends there kept me from doing that. As for twitter, I was having much fun with all the geeks I stumbled upon that I didn’t realize the problem until the last few days before aliens made their move. IRC issue was obvious, AncientGramps used to be connected 24/7! … But you know, it’s not really about the services, it’s about me anticipating responses; This is my real problem. This is how it usually goes:

0. Submit something somewhere.
1. Expect a response.
2. Receive a response.
3. Respond to the response.
4. Goto 1

That’s not only it, the process sometime becomes multi-threaded or even forked (this is the worst). However, gladly, this only happens in places where I have friends. Actually, that’s why I didn’t stop my submissions to stdphoto or deviantArt, I don’t have to expect anything since almost no one knows me there!

So here’s my probable plan:
0. Link my blog RSS feed to twitter. ( If you follow this blog, you might want to stop following me on twitter)
1. Delete facebook account. [DONE]
2. Peek on fellows on IRC from time to time.
3. Continue blogging.
4. Increase online activity by 10% max.

Curious of what’s coming next? No? Oh, it’s okay! … I’ll say it anyways. In the next couple of blog-posts, I’ll be covering the stuff that I did or happened to me during my death … or was it abduction?!

PS: Planning on a 1 post per week (got a summer course).


~ by AnxiousNut on June 24, 2011.

3 Responses to ““I LIVE AGAIN!” — Future Cop LAPD”

  1. 4. Goto 1

    Your C instructor would NOT be pleased. use while ;_; <–

    • Heh, nice one!

      But you know I really wish (s)he’d be reading this, cause that means that (s)he might read about his/her own self in the upcoming blog-posts … it would be fun.

  2. Now you got me curious what happened during “down time”.

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