About the anxious one!

The name is Mohammed A. Mustafa, a $YEAR-1991 year old Kuwaiti Muslim computer geek who’s studying Computer Science in Kuwait University!

I’m interested in everything that has a relationship with computers, but specifically interested in Linux, coding, messing with OS’s, and messing with software! I’ve been goofing around with Linux since 2007; started with fedora then moved to Ubuntu 7.04! As for coding, I did, C, HTML, some CSS, some PHP, and Bash, but sadly I’ve been exposed forcefully to VisualBasic.net! Currently I’m focusing on Python!!

I also am interested in photography and graphics. It’s what I do when I’m bored or just want something else to do. My photography journey began back when I was in high-school, but guess what, it broke on me. Fast forward till 2011, I got back to that hobby and started practicing it differently. My photos are on Flickr. Graphics, as I said earlier is also a hobby of mine. I do vector graphics. I don’t waste much time on getting ideas, but when I do, I waste much time on getting it perfectly done. You can checkout my work on DeviantART.

I’ve been writing blog posts since October 2008, on:

I also participate in other places like:

I also have several channels:


4 Responses to “About the anxious one!”

  1. […] … I won’t say you can’t see well, but … you can know more about the anxious blogger here for the time […]

  2. Nice site! Delighted to meet with another Ubuntu user! Hope to come here often. And thanks for dropping by my site. :)

    • Delighted to meet with another Ubuntu user!

      Thanks, though I think “Linux” would be better than “Ubuntu” in my case; I’m slowly ditching Ubuntu!

      Hope to come here often.

      Oh, cool! New possible reader! \o/

  3. Hi, you still a Student? Interested in co-developing an app by any chance? I’m a teacher (in Canada) with a great idea, but without the tech savvy to make it a reality. LMK if interested; we can talk more!

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