Call from locked Samsung Galaxy S Android phones, a security hole!

I found a way to make voice calls on locked Samsung Galaxy S phones! I have limited this method on Galaxy S android phones because I haven’t tried it on other Android phones! I haven’t received the 2.2 update yet, so my phone is running android 2.1 update 1, and it is not rooted!

To make calls while the phone is locked, do the following:

  1. Turn on the phone
  2. Click on “Emergency Call” button
  3. Press the menu button for a second, a search box will pop up
  4. Insert a phone number and wait until another entry shows up below that says “Dial number”
  5. Click on “Dial number, use #”

Here’s a video of the process!

I am not a hacker or anything, but if you’re interested how I got to this, keep on reading!

The story

So I’ve heard about the newly found security issue in iPhones (iOS4 to be exact) and though: Since I got an iGalaxy (Samsung Galaxy S), an iPhone clone (from the design perspective), I should be able to pull off a similar security hole! A security hole that would make it possible to make phone calls without unlocking the phone!

I was joking and was not serious at all! Ever since I bought the phone, all I got from the ones around me was either an “You bought an iPhone?!” or an “heh, what a ripoff”! That made me make jokes about it continually although I really love the phone!

So it was late at night on my bed, yesterday, when I thought that it would really be an epic lol if I managed to pull off a similar issue! So I started locking and unlock it continuously while trying a different thing each time! Of course, I was not able to pull anything off in the patten-unlock screen; the gateway was the same as the iOS’s, the “Emergency Call” screen!

I realized after uncountable times that I can get the search bar on the “Emergency Call” screen by pressing the menu touch-button(?) for a second in that screen! However, any application I launch is sent away as a background process and would not show up! That made my iGalaxy hangup on me after launching “The Inferno”(game) several times! I think each time an app is launched through that search bar, it starts as a different process which would consume the RAM! Which is also why -i think- when I unlocked the screen, The Inferno was up but the screen was flickering, it was like several ones are launched and each is on top of the other one!

However, that did not stop me from reaching my goal: proving that an iGalaxy is an iPhone is disguise! XD … So I tried typing contacts names and choose the entry, but that fails because when one is pressed, a contact window would pop up (in the background, sigh)! After some time, it hit me: to type the phone number directly! And it worked!! When a number is written in the field, another entry would appear saying “Dial number”! That was it!

Hopefully they covered that up in version 2.2! However, that doesn’t change the fact that my theory has been proven: the iGalaxy is an iPhone in disguise! XD


~ by AnxiousNut on October 30, 2010.

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