Omegle community investigated! return(stats);

A Chatroulette-like website

Usually every once in a while, a friend tells you about another online service and suggests that you take a look at it! I was suggested to take a look at, being told that it’s a text-based Chatroulette-like website where trolling is something common!

I always leave these kinds of suggestions to the time when I get really bored. The time came, and I’ve been unleashed! First thing I realized is that the majority of the community are perverts seeking for perverted chitchats! However, there’s also another group which just wants to waste time and have fun and/or trolling! Although I was disgusted, I though a place like this should be investigated.

Story begins

A grabbed one of them trolls and carried a chitchat with him. The guy I was with seemed to be trolling a lot that he started to say incorrect information that I had to correct him – I fed the troll! He didn’t stop. I -for some reason- replied with a “Thank God you’re not a web-designer”, I’m not sure why I said it. But then he said ‘I am’! That sounded serious enough for me to ask him more about it anxiously. At the end, I figured out that he’s a computer science student who thinks Ubuntu/Linux is a bit difficult and he only uses it only a professor asks them. Of course, I offered him my assistance. He had to leave later. :(

Since I met that guy, there was one question that I couldn’t stop thinking about which was: How many people know about Linux on this site? I couldn’t leave the question unanswered; I started an instant project! And because I had everything I needed to know, I started right away! The technique was to post ‘Ubuntu?’ once a person is connected. If he knows anything about Linux or Ubuntu, he/she would reply with ‘YES!!’, otherwise, they’d disconnect immediately!

Investigation starts

I started my investigation, I had to copy the word ‘Ubuntu’ seeing that I was getting disconnected a lot. Though, I noticed that one can easily know if one is a pervert or a seeker-of-joy, it’s by the first word that is sent over; if it’s an ‘asl?’ – which turned out to be: age, sex, location- then the chances are the person is a pervert, however, if it’s anything else -including ‘Hello :)’- then the person just wants to waste his/her time joyfully! Knowing that made me skip pervs faster. While doing my thing, I found myself more anxious! I thought that was it, just pervs and normal people. However, I was wrong; In a world like ours we should always know that bots exist! Figuring that out was a piece of cake, stuff any human would notice:

  • Periodically delayed replies.
  • 0% intelligence. If you’re not the perv the programmer had in mind, you’d realize replies would make no sense!
  • No notification saying ‘Stranger is writing’, messages are sent instantaneously once the period of time passes.

So here’s my first encounter: (Warning, contains profanities)

Anyone noticed the 'honey' typo? XD

After laughing my head off and looking at it again, I also wanned to know how many bots exist in this community seeing that many are fooled! Later, one of the bots I encountered gave me a link of a spam site; If you didn’t know, by adding a ‘+’ to any url would give you a stats page of the linked url. That page showed more 16,000+ clicks!! Sadly, I lost the link! :/

Community investigated

The first Ubuntu user I encountered!

The first Ubuntu user I encountered!

I carried on my investigation. I have met some awesome and interesting Ubuntu/Linux users, and some who know what it is but use other systems. I had two sessions, one in the morning and one after midnight. I questioned 25 individuals during each session. I ended up with the following stats:

Out of 50, there were 37 perverts/Illiterates! Basically, they are the ones who either disconnected once Ubuntu was posted, replied with cusses, or who actually said that they don’t know what it is. Of course, whenever one told me that, I either gave him a brief info about it, or told him/her to Google it! The funny thing is, there are some polite people over there, 3 individuals actually said “No, sorry.”! XD … As for the bots, I encountered 8 f them. Geeks? They were 5! And out of curiosity I asked everyone of them for the reason of coming to the site and they all said ‘Boredom’.


  • has a community filled with filth, bots, and trolls!
  • When people get bored, they should investigate communities awesomely!
  • Percentage of people knowing about Linux is 10% of Earth’s total population*!

*A study can be generalized on a larger population as long as the sample is randomly picked. The sample is random, Omegle did that for me! XP

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~ by AnxiousNut on January 15, 2011.

18 Responses to “Omegle community investigated! return(stats);”

  1. Thanks for confirming my doubts :P

    • ;)

      Hopefully we’ll manage to get another zero next to that 10% in the next few years! Okay, that’s just impossible, … but I can dream, can’t I? XP

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  3. Nice study but given that you’ve used omegle when you were bored I can conclude that 10 percent of the bored people in the world know ubuntu hahaha
    Let me collect my self. I agree with u. yes they are ten percent may be little more or little less .Don’t forget that linux is dominating mobile devices and the customer now has a good understanding about linux ,opensource and their benefits.
    Considering omegle, I have used it many times. I’ve added one “stranger” as friend in facebook after going through dozens of trolls and Chinese users. I don’t know why most of the strangers disconnect when I tell them am from kuwait. Omegle is a nice idea and has a nice goal but you know this world is not perfect.

    • Hahaha! I think it’s a bit obvious I didn’t mean a _real_ study. It’s was my ways of writing a trolling blogpost; It contains unacceptable and unexplainable generalization, it’s very clear if you focus a bit. XP

      I don’t know why most of the strangers disconnect when I tell them am from Kuwait.

      … Never ever play by the rules; No asl!! Cause if you do, know that you’re conversation is about to end, seeing that they have issues with Arabs.

      … Omegle, lol! The last time I went there was when I was collecting info for this post, and I have no intentions to waste more time over there! :P

      Thanks for dropping by! :)

  4. lol I have never seen a more detailed omegle report, if anything, good job!

  5. Are you still doing an investigation? The reason I ask is that I think you started a trend! I found an app on my iPhone 2 days ago called omegle. It looked interesting and I was bored. So I got on and the first thing the stranger said was “Ubunto!” I said “huh”? I was tripping out. Sounds like a trend. Pretty funny

    • Are you still doing an investigation?

      Nah, I just did it that time because I was bored. It’s not a thing I’d do for living! XD

      I was bored. So I got on and the first thing the stranger said was “Ubunto!” I said “huh”? I was tripping out. Sounds like a trend. Pretty funny

      Wow, really? Heh, well I haven’t told any community about this so the chances are that guy is either like me or … it is becoming a trend!

      Actually I wouldn’t be extremely surprised if it was a trend seeing that googling is showing this blogpost as one of the first search results. But one thing I know for sure is that “investigation” and collecting stats over Omegle has become a trend. The last time I went there I saw a guy or maybe a bot asking which music genre one prefers and posts the result (how much votes each genre had). Yes, funny. ^^

      Thanks for stepping by. :)

  6. hallå


  8. Sir, might I inquire about why you deem yourself worthy to write any article? Better yet, why you think you have the authority to correct the spelling on an omegle bot. In case you didn’t know, the bots makers purposefully put typos in so that it seems realistic. (Though it is a poor attempt) Please cease from writing articles again until you fix your obviously broken keyboard.

  9. Thanks for taking the time to do this–as a potential new user, I was interested in your research :)

  10. But Omegle is a free online chat website that allows users to socialize with others
    without the need to register.

  11. i am still sad because i thought it was a innocent site but its not. I’m an 11 year old who was shown penis pics on omegle. they asked me to take off my shirt, show them my boobs, ask how old i was and were i live. on guy said to take off your shirt or ill come to your house so………. i did because he new my address. i even said to 1 guy that im 11 and since he was 17 that we should not doing this were minors bout still he did not care he just didn’t. so im never going on omegle Again

  12. Your post was really helpful. Just what I needed. Thank you!

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